I, Me, Myself

I was in the 2nd year of my #job. When I was rated an average performer after a year of error free & on time delivery – I felt let down

I spoke to my manager & he gave me the magic mantra

Create Your Own Visibility (CYOV)

I was confused & questioned – should my work not speak for me. He said yes but “Talking about your achievements & rightly showcasing it” are equally important

Being a #ca, my major & minor was of finance. I decided to replace the minor with self marketing

Some people have gone overboard with self marketing & blow their own trumpet all the time

I call them the I, Me, Myself brigade !!

They want to hog all the limelight & do not see a life beyond themselves. The cherry on the cake are people who follow their footsteps to attaining stardom

My learning over 17 years –
– If you think you are good, leave behind a legacy of better versions of yourself
– Be visible to inspire people to be like you & not like your designation
– Be more humble as you grow in stature. One day the world will surely forget your position but would remember the person in you

– Replace
“I” with “Us”
“Me” with “We”
“Myself” with “Team (it includes you also)

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