Imagine to Re-Imagine

Flashback – When I was a kid, I had a habit of talking to my self. When mom used to come, I used to use this opportunity to tell her what I was talking about. I got my answers and the technique worked well for me. I have a smile thinking about this instance. Did you have any such habit?? I would love to hear about it !!

Fast forward – I would soon be 40 (don’t forget 40 is the new 20), my body might be ageing but I am still a child at heart. To my habit of self talking, I introduced a new friend – Visualization” andnow call it the habit of “Imagine to Re-Imagine”.

I used this technique to re-ignite my hunger for knowledge through academics in my “Pursuit” of a “Happier” & “Meaningful” future. This happened when I was at a crossroad after 8 years of working in the corporate world. “Success” as I understood would be a direct outcome of this journey.

Many people ask me how does this actually work. When you re-imagine, you re-imagine your future, you re-imagine success, you re-imagine glory, you re-imagine celebration, you re-imagine appreciation, you re-imagine applause. You feel that you have already achieved your dream through the power of visualization. Try doing it now, before reading any further. Do you feel goosebumps, Do You feel an electric current pass through your body !! Now let me ask you a simple question – Is it worth to make efforts for what you just Re-imagined??

A few months back, I used the “Imagine to Re-Imagine” technique again. The outcome – I took a bold decision to give up on my corporate career at a time when I was at my peak. I wanted to be a CoachMentor and a Storyteller. So far I was doing it as a hobby, but now I wanted to make my hobby as my job. The decision had its consequences, from an Assistant Director to Mr Nobody, from leading a team of 150+ professionals to being a One man army and from a handsome six figure salary to surviving on minuscule savings. But honestly I feel more richer, I have more peace of mind and I am more happy than I was before.

My career spanned 17+ years across 7 large companies which played a significant role shaping me as a person. However it seemed to me like a vicious circle – You get one thing, you desire for one more!! It was like a dog (by the way I love dogs) stuck in the loop of 8 wanting to break free. This time it was “Now” or “Never” for me. I took the plunge. Luckily family and friends responded affirmatively !!

Denzel Washington in one his speeches at a college graduation ceremony said “Even if you have to fall, Do Not Fall Back rather Fall Forward“. At least when you get you would still be a few steps forward. Sometimes when we decide to give up, for a moment close your eyes and “Imagine to Re-Imagine”. I have personally used this several times and “TRUST” me it works wonders. It enables you to “Nurture” hope when you feel down and under.

When I gave up my job to pursue my passion, I did not think about “Can Do” or “Can’t Do”, I just told myself I want to “TRY Doing It”, I want to “TRY to Achieve It” and I want to “TRY Making It Happen”.

Coincidentally I am at a stage where the “Eagle” (the most royal bird) is when she ages. Rather than accepting the life she has, she decides to “Re-invent” herself. She breaks her own beak and waits for a “New” and “Sharper” beak. She uses the new beak to pluck her “Old” and “Heavy” feathers and waits for “New Feathers” to live her “New Life” and infinite “Newer Flights”.Yes even she would have used “Imagine to Re-Imagine”

When I would leave the world for good, I don’t want to leave a legacy of wealth behind, rather I want to leave a legacy of “Chasing” and “Achieving” dreams. I want to leave behind a legacy of “Inspiration”. I want to leave behind a legacy of stories relating to “Failures” and “My Learning’s” from them.