Leap of Faith

It was 10th March around 6:25 PM. I was at my work station responding to last few emails before leaving for the day.

A few weeks before, I had decided to hang up my boots in the corporate world. While talking to a colleague, I realised that only 4 weeks were remaining.

Woooow 17+ years flew by & it is all coming together in front of me.

I’ve started putting together a “Blueprint” of my future plans – some of them are Independent, some dependant on others & some Inter dependant on each other.

I always had the passion to “Mentor” Young Learner’s & Professionals & I’ve selected this as my next career To add to it, I love Talking & Storytelling

For me it’s “Now” or “Never” & I want to “Make It Happen”

I am excited, I am curious to unfold new things, to meet new people, I feel more hungry, I am ready to “Un-learn” & “Re-learn”. I am somewhat nervous as well

It will be a Real test of character & I am ready for it

I will crawl, walk & soon learn to fly

As Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said – Dreams are not those that come while you are sleeping, Dreams ar those which do not let you sleep.

I’ve had a good number of sleepless night & I am wide awake now

Life’s Calling & My response – “I Copy That”

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