My 1st Job Interview

I was oozing with confidence after completing #ca (1st attempt) with an AIR 34.

I got a call for my 1st interview. I was confident enough to crack the interview & come home with an offer letter!

I waited for my turn at the venue with both eagerness and anxiety.

As I went inside the interview room, I saw a team of 5 interviewers ready to grill me

OMG the 5 panelists were specialists from their respective domains & I realised I would have a rough time.

I was asked how I would leverage my Rank. I said “I would like to capitalise on my rank” & next 20 mins I was bombarded with ONLY accounting questions. Phew!

The next question was “Define Debt Trap” & I did a good job as I was able to answer it. Self kudos

The next question & answer I would never forget in my entire life.

The interviewer asked me to tell India’s exact amount of debt trap. There was pin drop silence in the room & after a few seconds of thinking I said “Dear Sir leave aside the thought of actual debt trap, I do not even know the approximate”. I got REJECTED!

When I look back to think today that 1st rejection grounded me & made me more determined to find my way through the maze.

I am 17+ years more experienced now.

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