Confused about Career / Planning a Career Transition

Knowledge if only retained in the mind generates no value. However, knowledge when applied in the right manner can lead transformation

Cracking Interviews

With an experience of taking more than 750+ interviews, I have learnt that it is not about the number of interview calls that you get. More important is your ability to crack an interview

Self - Confidence & Empowerment Guru

Professionals agnostic of industry or level of experience have benefitted from my ability to help them gain confidence and channelise learnings optimally

I Speak to Connect and Inspire

Some of the key topics that I generally get invited to speak on……

Celebrating Failure

When you embrace failure, your journey towards success becomes easier

Connecting the Dots to build a successful career

Understanding the bigger picture and aligning it with your personal vision is key

The Art of Cracking Interviews

Making an effective sales pitch is the most important step to get your dream job

The New Age Professional

 What will it take to be successful while working for jobs which have just started arriving in the job market

The Art of Networking

Getting this right could transform your career journey

External Validations

These can only be an enabler, not a show stopper

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Discover and Transform You Sessions

I am an ICF, NCDA, Mindler and Arfeen Khan Certified Career and Life Coach.

I have already worked with hundreds of people in helping them to

  • Get Unstuck through the different aspects of their lives 
  • Transform themselves
  • Set aspiring goals, take consistent actions and hold themselves accountable to achieve them
  • Reach their best state in Life


Akhil is a great orator and an impactful Storyteller. Rightfully so as he loves to share his experiences, engage in conversations and hear stories of other people with equal interest. I am a regular reader of his stories and resonate with them well

– Vijay Kardam Assistant Director EY GDS TAS

Thank you Akhil for such an amazing session. As a fresher your “How to Crack Interview” session gave me so many insights and Do’s and Don’ts for an Interview. I loved getting interviewed by you and getting a genuine feedback has helped me to improve on key areas and gave me confidence to crack interview. Thanks a lot

– Sankalp Rathi Analyst at Northern Trust Corporation

Akhil’s session was great, its interactive, informative and constructive. The guidance given by him has been immense. His content is very clear and Precise. His style of clarification has encouraged the participants to open up and ask more questions. The session has helped me to understand my areas of improvement

–  Pavitra K Cost Accountant Arunachala Logistics Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Akhil Iyer has been a great mentor to me and it was fantastic to have had the opportunity to learn with and from him. Possessing abundance of knowledge and exceptional expertise in training young minds, he surely leads by example. As a coach, mentor or story teller, Mr. Iyer has my highest and best recommendation

Alisha Rathore Audit Associate KPMG