Nature’s SOS

EARTH is the only planet in the Solar system which supported life….. WE (NATURE) have been the building blocks of life for the HUMAN RACE for centuries now….. WE allowed YOU (humans) to co-exist with us, taught you tricks of survival and enabled your flourishment…. The deal was mutual Co-existence….. It was like a beautiful Hollywood / Bollywood movie wherein OUR mountains, waterfalls, rivers, fresh air, and clean blue sky were in the backdrop and YOU in the forefront living, surviving and thriving…… Everything seemed to be going good… We and YOU were Happy….. But somewhere, somehow things started becoming ugly…. The intellectual race became hungry for a Formula 1 speed pace of development…. The era of “Destruction” began…. No one realised the consequences…..

Warning signals started to emerge a few years back when the safety cover (OZONE) that WE (Nurturer’s of Life) provided to the HUMAN RACE started depleting….. IGNORANCE was chosen over PREVENTION at that point in time…. The ever increasing human population was in a mad rush to establish their prowess and quest for CARELESS and RECKLESS development seems never ending…… OUR beauty’s has over the years been spoilt to an extent that a new World record has been set… The world’s highest dumping ground is now on MOUNT EVEREST……… this is a record which even GUNIESS book would never record in their books…. We have exhibited PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE with you… Better late than never, we were for sure WRONG in our JUDGEMENT………. 

LACK OF INTROSPECTION does not lead to RIGHT SELF REALISATION…. RIGHT SELF REALISATION without ACTION is like Living in ALICE IN WONDERLAND……. This is our narrative of things…..

When YOU feel fatigued due to the messy metropolitan life which you have created for your own self…. When your lungs just cannot breathe in the pollution anymore….. When your frustration levels are beyond tolerance….. You always have a Eureka option…. YOU can visit us in our home (sorry but un-invited) feel fresh, breathe fresh air and relax… WE are busy with our own daily chores…. WE have kept our abode so fresh that the moment YOU enter our surroundings your first expression is a Titanic pose, with a big smile on your face and your words say it all – “I Feel Awesome, I wish I could stay here and never go back”………. Have YOU ever realised the impact your leisure has on us…. YOU come to fresh surroundings and leave your litter behind…. WE don’t think YOU realise that WE DO NOT have personal maids and robots like YOU…. YOU come for fresh air and leave behind air polluted with diesel for us….. YOU come to click pics with trees and flowers and when YOU go back you order wooden furniture to decorate your home……. Your love for plastic is BEYOND ANY UNDERSTANDING and EXPLANATION…. Every country, Every corner of earth that YOU have visited or wish to visit is ONLY to get immersed in OUR creations, colours, serenity and run away from all the mess and nuisance that YOU have created for centuries now…. YOU and your choices are a combination of “CONVENIENCE and OPPORTUNISM”  

Your love for Air conditioners is choking the world….. Just a click of a button YOU switches on the AC and makes feel good…. While YOU are feeling relieved of the heat inside WE are being gifted the hot air outside…..

YOU would never invite us as guests to your home and we DO NOT have an option to BAN you from visiting us…. Where does your world of inclusivity disappear and why does it become SO DIFFICULT TO RESPECT US AND OUR EXISTENCE….. You lecture SYMPATHY and EMPATHY…. But WE get a HYPOCRITICAL feeling as your actions depict neither of them…..

Your existence is an ALL THANKS TO US…. And WE reciprocate a similar feeling (highly SARCASTIC) for bringing us and our surroundings to such a miserable stage… WE SALUTE your indifference towards us and if YOU (the intellectual race) has so far not realised… WE have started giving it back…. WE know YOU have started FEELING THE HEAT………… WE are not revengeful but it is important that YOU respect a feeling of Mutual Co-existence… The earlier the better…. Wars (of any kind) have not done to either of the parties…. HUMAN RACE (you are egoistic) and Nature (we are deemed to be sublime) are already at war…

If YOU think not having a voice is our weakness….  Think twice…  If we decide to do even one bit of “Cha Cha Cha”…. Your concrete jungle and ego will crumble down in seconds…. WE come in the form of floods, forest fire, cloud burst..  WE come fast, WE come aggressive and WE come loud..  WE have the power to reclaim our rights….  For centuries now WE have tolerated your intolerance towards us…  There is nothing called as infinite tolerance as everything comes full circle… 

Why have YOU become so selfish….. Your hunger for technology, a better and greedy lifestyle is destroying everything else….. Your identify is as good as your temporary Facebook profile….. Your emotions are only as good as Emoji’s on WhatsApp………… WE become your food on the platter against our wishes and when by mistake our representatives (the Big Cats) become man eaters there is hue and cry and they are shot dead…. Next time when YOU come for a safari (uninvited), let us reciprocate…  Please think for yourself and the answer will give YOU goose bumps…. Why will YOU decide what WE want and don’t…… why will you chose “WHEN TO DESTRUCT” and “WHEN TO PRESERVE”….. A humble Sorry but we DO NOT ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YOU WILL DECIDE OUR EXISTINCE….. Whenever YOU feel like you will come and poach us…. Whenever you feel like you will run a SAVE THE _____ campaign…. Raise funds and do a Photo Op…..  It seems to be a little too late…. No we are not pessimistic…. We just DO NOT TRUST YOU….

WE can take care of everything and everyone… WE can nurture life of every kind…. WE can maintain balance at all times… WE were and will take back control…. Our Warriors are surely outnumbered by your ever burgeoning population…. However WE are like “THE 300” and we have the courage to RE-CLAIM…. DESPITE YOUR NEGLIGENCE, WE would still be happy to care for YOU and take YOU along in the journey of life….. But the deal would be that YOU would have to give up the habit of ADAMANT OVER EXPLOITATION and ACT as PARTNERS with US and Not as RULERS TO US….  

WE are going down and under…… Floods, Landslides, Forest Fires, Lava flowing non-stop, droughts, heat wave….. It is all happening…. Now don’t blame us…. WE are fiercely annoyed and extremely angry and will continue to be so… The so called unsustainable DEVELOPMENT has TO STOP or else WE are happy to “SINK and SWIM TOGETHER” 

There are countries in the world which have always valued US and OUR existence…. WE are caretakers for each other, they RECYCLE and WE help them to REJUVINATE…. WE offer them our RESERVES and they try to USE and CONSERVE….. GREEN is Chosen over BLACK…… BLUE is chosen over GREY… INCLUSIVITY is demonstrated over DOMINANCE…. Their RESPECT makes us give them our LOVE in return….

It is time for each one of YOU to REALISE, RESPECT and REPLENISH. TIME this time is not MONEY; it is a matter of EXISTENCE!!!   

This is OUR SINCERE and HUMBLE request to restore BALANCE or let us chose to collectively PERISH….