Rickshaw Puller

Every morning, I used to see a rickshaw puller calling out people for a ride with energy & smile. One day I happened to sit on his rickshaw for a ride to my office

His name was “Jugal” & was from Bihar. He lived with his wife & had a daughter (age 5) & son (age 9)

One day Jugal mentioned that he wanted his daughter to be a singer & his son to be a police officer. I could see the glow in his eyes

He worked 7 days a week to earn money. He used to cough badly, so I got him medicine. He expressed #gratitude for every small thing in life

I asked him to see a doctor to which he replied – my health is impacted due to my bad habit of eating “gutka”

I asked him “Do you want to be healthy & alive when your children fulfil your dream”

His eyes got numb & he replied – sirji I know with this habit I might die sooner but if I can earn money to give my children good education I’ll be satisfied. I was speechless

I struck a deal with him. If he gave up on his habit, I’ll sponsor his daughter’s education for a year. He agreed despite knowing that it would be tough for him

As an alternative to Gutka, he started to chew chewing gum & different flavour of Saunf (Anise). With medicine his throat also improved

His family was happy for him now

#happiness #love #family #kindness