The day I wanted to Quit

In my initial days of internship, I was put on an audit assignment lead by Amit (a senior with 7-8 years of exp). I & 6 interns were part of his team

Amit used to come to the client’s office post lunch everyday to –
– Engage with the client
– Review our work
– Assign us work for the next day

To mirror his schedule, he made us work from 9AM – 9 PM

I had just started gaining practical experience. On a few occassions, Amit found mistakes in my work. He used to shout & critisize me in front of the entire team. I felt intimidated & started losing my confidence

Amit’s favorite interns also made fun of me. I felt disgusted & got scared to go to office

On a few occassions just before Amit used to arrive, I used to pretend to be sick to avoid work & humiliation

One day while sitting alone in office, a senior partner passed by. He asked me “What happened”? I looked at him, gathered courage & said in a feeble voice – I am scared of learning & want to quit

He heard me & consoled me. He offered me to work on one of his projects as a test. I was dam scared. He was empathetic & ensured that I understood the task well. As a result, I executed well

Slowly I regained my confidence & continued working. Rest is history

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