Up the Ladder

C S Lewis said in his quote – “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”

We all have goals, aspirations & knowledge to achieve it, but generally stop at a point where we need a helping hand, a guiding shoulder and a strong and steady mind to take us there. My book Up the Ladder can be the guidance and inspiration that you have been looking for in your pursuit to start and accelerate as the case may be.

Abraham Lincoln rightly said – “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other”. The “Stick” of being in the corporate jungle is that “Survival is not easy” but if you have the right life skills to support and guide you then the “Carrot” of building a successful career becomes SMART. Having learnt and implemented these “10 essential life skills” myself, I strongly recommend every Millennial to imbibe them in their pursuit of a great career.

The book is a compilation of 10 life skills weaved together seemingly through a narration of real-life experiences. You would easily relate to every instance and skill covered in the book and be inspired to implement them in your life and career.

Up the ladder has been inspiring professionals across different domains and experience levels make a sustainable change to their careers.

Better late than never –
A few readers have read “Up The Ladder” and started their journey of developing a habit for reading.

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 A must read book
It is an amazing book. I enjoyed reading it and bounded me to know what next. The author has meticulously drawn real life experiences, lots of positive notes and inspirations.
The best part I like in this book is “celebrate your failure” .
Lot of things to learn which can change the way we live and improve. This book taught me it’s always not about success as measuring it differs from each person, it’s about achieving satisfaction and improving your life.

– Parul

Very useful and informative Book
Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts and giving readers achievable steps to take.
I found this book worth buying to get the best career guidance.

– Akanksha sharma

Out of Box writing
Up the Ladder is an amazing book, v well orchestrated in order to navigate the reader’s future. It helps to develop our decision making framework. It teaches how connecting the dots are v important in life ; how to accept failures in life, rather celebrate them n learn lessons from them. The importance of Creative thinking by adopting a positive perspective n having an Entrepreneur mindset which acts as a Game changer.

– Girish Borkar

Gems of wisdom by Akhil Iyer
An amazing book for Millenials who are looking for guidance to move up in their career.
Each life ‘Lessons Learnt’ is a gem extracted by the Author Akhil Iyer, among the rubble of information overload that we face each day.
Some of my favorite chapters are on ‘The Entrepreneurial Mindset’, ‘Creative Thinking’, ‘Imagine to Re-Imagine’, ‘Resist Temptations’. All of which are extra ordinarily crafted, and they make his writing appear so seamlessly bound with the concept that is conveyed.
‘Up the Ladder: 10 Essential Life Skills For Every Millennial to Fast-Track Their Career’ has allowed me to significantly reconsider my approach towards aspects of life, that I would have otherwise neglected.
I would highly recommend the book to Millenials and youngsters who are looking to learn essential life skills and lessons, that are refined and tailor made for them by the author.
A great contribution to society by Akhil Iyer, I am sure his mother, to whom this book is a tribute to, would be very proud of his achievements.

– Sadiq Ameen

A crisp and insightful read
The book delivers exactly what it promises!
A short, crisp and insightful guide to achieving your corporate career goals.
Akhil’s practical-life experiences and simple yet beautiful storytelling approach gives the book an edge.
A lot of times readers would feel like they too are growing along this journey with him and the experiences and emotions would resonate with everybody.
Totally worth a read!

– Shruti Jain